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Fall In The Volume Lash Lift Kit

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY (Approx 20 applications)

Lift up eyelashes from the roots to add a natural curl without applying eyelash extensions. Make your lashes look and feel longer. This kit is suitable for both short, thin lashes as well as long eyelashes. The keratin lash lift kit gives a long-lasting results up to 4 weeks, and can make your lashes thicker, stronger and even healthier with the application of the Lash Coating and Keratin BOOST Serum!

This kit comes with 2 sets of silicone pads (S-M-L) and everything you need to start perming lashes.

KERATIN BOOST – serum containing pure Keratin that strengthens, thickens and protects natural eyelashes and gives them more energy to grow healthy.

The Fall Into The Volume Kit contains (Can also be purchased separately):

  • Fixing Gel (Glue to hold lashes to the silicon pads)
  • Perming Cream #1 (perming solution)
  • Fixatives Cream #2 (neutralizing solution
  • Pure Essence Cream (to Nourish Lashes after perming)
  • Coating: Coat Lash (Seal lashes with a sleek glossy finish)
  • Keratin BOOST Serum
  • 2 sets of Silicone Pad: 3 Sizes each
  • Full INSTRUCTIONS in English with this set.


Fall In The Volume Lash Lift Kit

175.00 ₪מחיר
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